Arugam Bay area is remote and far from your traditional tourist spot, untouched and unspoiled on the eastern border of Yala National Park. The park hosts the biggest population of leopards in Sri Lanka, a variety of bird specious and a large wild elephant population. The jungle, huge lagoons and rivers offer some of the most beautiful scenery in Sri Lanka: old temples located in magical spots, elephants gathering in the wild, open rice fields and beautiful deserted beaches.


Wasservögel, Yala East / Kumana Natioal Park, Sri Lanka

Yala East ( Komana ) Park

Home to all the animals that the country has to offer such as leopards, sloth bears, wild elephants, jackals, wild boar, spotted deer & many species of birds.

Okanda-Paname temple rock tour

Early morning trip to Paname village, driving through the sanctuary with a half hour climb to the famous high temple rock. From here you can see views of the whole bay and visit the beautiful Ukanda beach.


Lahugala elephants

Visit the Lahugala national park where you can watch the elephants in their natural environment.


Lagoon tour

A 2 hour boat or canoe ride through the giant lagoon.



Some of the beaches are perfect for just chilling at the local restaurants, watch the surfers and relax.