Our story

The story of Elephant Road Resort & Surfcamp begins in the year 2000 on my second surf adventure in Sri Lanka. I was lucky to discover the magic of the east coast and a special secret place named Arugam Bay, during the war time.

Picture stunningly wild nature, golden beaches, pumping waves and friendly local people. It felt like finding a treasure but one that I wanted to share with others too, especially with surf - and nature lovers. The area’s post-war growing tourism made me decide to create a unique haven in the bay’s best place and support the community after those devastating times of war and the 2004 ferocious Tsunami. A tucked-away quiet oasis with elephants and the most comfortable features that would always preserve its original jungle character and chilled vibes. Meanwhile I continued exploring the bay and all its stunning surrounding surf spots. I quickly connected to the local community, formed a bond with local surf instructors and invited certified individuals to join our team at Elephant Road.